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What Is a 2D Laser Facial? What Is A Limelight Photofacial and Laser Genesis?

on Monday, 08 June 2015. Posted in Dermaspa Blog

What is Laser 2D (Limelight and Genesis) Treatment?

Laser 2D is a combination treatment of limelight and genesis laser treatments. This is a treatment that some may refer to or compare to “photo facials”. Limelight is a light treatment that heats the targeted cells to improve skin complexion. Laser genesis heat the upper dermis to stimulate collagen and help with redness.


Are laser 2D (photofacial and Laser Genesis) treatments safe for my skin type?

At DermaSpa Ajax Pickering we use a laser machine that is a gold standard, Cutera Laser. It is adjustable to your skin type which means that very fair skin or darker complexions can enjoy treatments. Your medical esthetician and medical doctor will assess and consult with you prior to treatment. Depending on your skin type (complexion and sensitivity) you may have a laser 2D treatment, just limelight or just genesis. Safety is our number priority and we do our best to customize each individual treatment to give each client the best in safety and results. Prior\during your treatments many steps are taken to ensure you have the safest possible experience. Some steps included are a thorough skin analysis, visit with a medical doctor, counselling on what to expect during and after the treatment and how to care for your skin prior to and after treatment.

Is it okay to have sun exposure when being treated with a laser?

To ensure that we minimize reactions to your photofacial (limelight) and laser genesis it is asked that you avoid the sun prior to and after treatment. This means that you should seek shade during the hours of peak sun, wear a hat if you will be exposed, and wear and frequently reapply a broad spectrum sunblock.

Even if you wear a SPF this doesn’t fully guarantee the pigment cells and epidermal cells won’t be affected, or that your skin tone won’t change from the sun. Treating skin that has been in the sunlight means it is more sensitive. It can also darken brown spots (hyperpigmentation) that you may be trying to reverse with laser treatments or cause hypopigmentation (lightened skin spots). To guarantee that you have the safest experience it is very important that you follow the necessary steps recommended by your professional treatment provider and medical doctor.


What are some common skin concerns that can be treated with a laser photo facial, Laser genesis and 2D Laser Facial?

A limelight and genesis session can treat many skin concerns you may have. It can treat hyperpigmentation (dark spots of the skin), sun damage, loss of collagen, acne scars, overly oily skin, rosacea (redness of the skin), fine lines, and it can also help to reduce the pore size.  Additionally, these laser treatments are excellent for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.



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To have your skin assessed and discuss any of the concerns we would be happy to help you and have you in for a complimentary skin consultation.


Questions are always welcomed and appreciated!



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