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Acne & Acne Scars Treatment

Before & After Acne Treatment At DermaSpa

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Acne Clinic Pickering - Before and After Picture


Stages Of Acne:

How Acne Forms


About our Acne Clinic & Acne Treatments:

At DermaSpa we treat many patients for acne.  Often our patients have tried many other treatments before coming to us, but nothing has worked.

Our acne consultation is complimentary and includes a full VISIA Skin Analysis, which shows us your skin at a deeper level, analyzing many factors involved in acne and acne scarring.  Our physician and/or medical esthetician will interpret the skin analysis for you, showing you the causes and skin issues related to your acne.  At DermaSpa we believe that every patient is different, and has different skin and needs.  This is why we spend so much time and technology analyzing your skin, getting to know your story, and understanding your concerns.  

At your consultation we will determine the best treatment plan for you - one that fits your skin concern, your skin type and your budget.  


To book your complimentary consultation with our DermaSpa health professionals, and get a head start on treating you acne, contact us today.  You can reach us at (905)837-7546 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


There are many myths out there about acne.  We aim to educate our patients about their skin, and bust those acne myths.  We have included some information below, to help dispell those common acne myths.

Have more questions?  Let us know!


More Information About our Acne Treatments:

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Acne Myths & Facts:

Acne Myth # 1

You have acne because you don’t clean your skin


While its true that acne is in part caused by bacteria on the skin (namely Proprionibacterium Acnes bacteria) it is NOT true that you have acne because you don’t wash your face. Acne causing bacteria can live deep inside the pores, and cleansing your face will often not get rid of this deep rooted issue. In fact, many people aggravate their skin and worsen their acne by overcleansing their face.


Ideally, acne prone patients should use a clarifying cleanser (glycolic and salicylic acids can be beneficial ingredients here) that does not have exfoliating beads as these can irritate the skin and cause acne pustules to form. When you choose your cleanser, ensure that you are staying away from scrubs, “microscrubbers”, and exfoliators.


At DermaSpa we often simplify our acne prone client’s skin care regime, by removing scrubs and excessive home care from the regimen. Keeping it simple, streamlined and gentle is often the best thing for acne prone skin.


DermaSpa skin consultations include an analysis of the products you use, focusing on tailoring your skin regimen to your skin type. Be sure to bring in your products at your consultation and we will be happy to discuss how you can best use them on your skin type.


Acne Myth #2

You have acne because you eat junk food


The top 5 factors that cause acne are:

  • Hormones (specifically androgenic hormones)
  • Dead skin cells blocking the pores
  • Bacteria (p. acnes)
  • Excessive oil production
  • Inflammation


Acne affects many people worldwide, of all ages, and many studies have been conducted (and are underway) to discover the true causes and most effective treatments for acne. At DermaSpa we continually review the latest research to bring you the most up to date information on acne, acne treatment and skin health.


While junk food is not named in the top 4 acne causes above, recent studies have shown that in acne prone patients, diet may play a role.


Now we all know that person who eats whatever they want, junk food and all, and has radiant clear skin, and is in excellent physical shape. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be blessed with these genes?


So what should you eat if you are prone to acne? Studies have shown that a low glycemic index diet can reduct acne outbreaks. Low glycemic diets are low in refined carbohydrates (sugars, white bread etc) and high in lean protein and fibre.


So while one chocolate bar won’t cause acne on its own, if you are prone to pimples eat healthy, avoid excessive sugar and refined carb intake, and limit the soda!


Acne Myth #3

Acne should end with my teenage years, right?


I often see patients at DermaSpa who feel like an anomaly because they have acne and are over 20 years old. Adult acne is a common condition, but affects women more commonly than men. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that 80% of adults between the ages of 20-30 years old suffer from mild to moderate acne. Over the age of 30, 50% of women and 25% of men suffer from acne.


For some reason, studies show that adults who suffer from acne are less likely to seek treatment than their adolescent counterparts.   It is never too late to seek treatment for your acne or acne scars. At DermaSpa we utilize a combination of home skin care and clinic treatments to achieve significant improvement in adult acne.


Acne Myth #4

I have pimples therefore I have Acne right?


While inflamed red bumps on the face are often Acne Vulgaris, they could be something else. A medical doctor should take a careful history and conduct a thorough skin examination to determine the true diagnosis. Once the correct diagnosis has been made, then treatments can be tailored to your specific skin issue.


What else could it be? The differential diagnosis of Acne Vulgaris includes Acne Rosacea (learn more about Rosacea click here), Keratosis Pilaris, folliculitis, milia, and much more.


If you are using acne treatments on skin conditions that are not acne, you may be worsening or aggravating your skin condition.  


Acne Myth #5

Since I bought that treatment I saw on the infomercial, and I have tried every cream you can think of, my acne isn’t treatable right?


Don’t lose hope if you feel you have tried everything and still your skin isn’t clear.

Many clients come to DermaSpa and say that their skin system worked for a while, and then stopped working. They worry that no treatment will help their skin.


Don’t fret – for there are more acne treatment options today, than ever before. Some of our acne treatment options include professional anti-acne laser treatments, professional anti-acne chemical peels, and anti-acne facial treatments. We often combine medical grade skin care products to maintain your skin at home. Some patients also require prescriptions to treat their acne.


The bottom line on acne – it’s common, it affects all ethnicities, genders and ages, and is treatable. Don’t lose hope!


Dr. Zahra Alidina

Stay tuned for more Acne Myths and Facts to come!



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