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Chemical Peels at DermaSpa Pickering


Chemical Peels and skin exfoliation treatments at DermaSpa Pickering

What are Chemical Peels?

At DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic, Dr. Zahra Alidina and Dr. Perviz Alidina utilize chemical peel treatments to remove the damaged or dull outer layer of skin.

The function of a skin peel is to create an even and controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells. This exposes a new fresh layer of skin with more even tone (color) and smoother texture. In addition, the peel stimulates new cells to grow, thereby tightening the skin which decreases fine wrinkles.

Each individual peel is derived from natural products. Depending on your skin concerns; Dr. Perviz Alidina, Dr. Zahra Alidina and/or a DermaSpa medical esthetician will recommend the best peel for you.

Chemical peels help to:

* Brighten and even out your skin complexion

* Smooth rough dry skin

* Decrease acne scarring

* Improve texture of sun damaged skin

* Reduce pigmentation

* Reduce fine lines

* Minimize large pores

* Decrease black heads

* Increase your skin’s hydration

* Control redness

Categories of chemical peels- depending on the depth of penetration in the skin

* Superficial chemical peel

* Medium depth chemical peel

* Deep chemical peel

Superficial chemical peels: address the outer layer of skin namely the epidermis. They are recommended for the treatment of skin conditions that affect the epidermis. At DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic, we utilize superficial depth chemical peels to smooth and even out your skin, reduce acne and improve signs of aging skin without downtime or discomfort.


Conditions that benefit from a superficial chemical peel at DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic are:

There are several different types of peels. The most common examples of superficial chemical peels include a variety of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) Salicylic acid ( BHA) as well as low concentration (10-25 %) of trichloroacetic acid. The most commonly used chemicals are the AHA family. AHA compounds are derived from natural found products:

* Glycolic from sugar cane

* Lactic acid from sour milk

* Malic from apples

* Citric from fruits

Glycolic acid is the most utilized because it penetrates the skin better and works on the living and dead cells in the epidermis.

Low concentrations of glycolic acid at 5-10% make a good topical exfoliant for the outer layer of skin. When regularly used as part of the skin care regime. It brightens the skin and improves texture too.


DermaSpa Tip: At DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic, our medical professionals may recommend a medical grade glycolic acid cleanser, toner and cream that you can use at home between peels to keep your skin smooth and fresh. (visit our Professional Skin Care Products page)


Glycolic Acid Peels (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peels)

Higher concentrations of glycolic acid (varying from 10-50%) are used as chemical peels. Dr. Alidina will often recommend a series of glycolic peels so that your skin can tolerate an increased concentration of glycolic acid each time you receive a chemical peel treatment. At DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic, we see improved results in your skin as we increase the concentration of glycolic acid over a series of peels.

At higher concentrations (50% and even as high as 70%) a glycolic acid solution is applied for 3- 8 minutes. Higher concentrations promote separation between cells and improved results. Therefore, higher concentrations are used in treating acne, photodamage (sun damage), mottled hyperpigmentation (brown spots), superficial melasma, fine wrinkles and superficial scars.

Although one peel can have significant benefits for your skin, for optimal results multiple treatments 2-4 weeks apart are recommended. Concentration of the glycolic acid and the frequency of treatments required will be customized for each individual at the time of consultation. At DermaSpa, we offer packages for a series of peels to treat various skin conditions effectively and comfortably.


Salicylic Acid (betahydroxy acids)

At DermaSpa, our medical professionals may recommend salicylic peels for the treatment of acne prone skin, blemishes, oily skin and sun damage. Salicylic peels can be very effective in controlling and treating acne in all age groups.

Salicylic acid belongs to betahydroxy group. It is very effective in the treatment of acne and photo damaged skin. It has excellent oil reducing properties and anti-bacterial properties.

BHA is a very good choice of peel for oily, acne prone skin. One superficial peel will give some results, but for optimal results, a series of salicylic peels are often recommended. We offer chemical peel packages to allow for an affordable, effective and comfortable series of treatments.


Risks of peels

  • Chemical peels should always be performed by a trained, qualified Medical Esthetician under the supervision of a physician
  • At DermaSpa, our medical estheticians are qualified, experienced medical professionals.
  • At Dermaspa, our physicians direct and supervise all skin treatments performed

* When performed properly and with care, superficial peels are very safe treatment and with very little or no downtime

* Superficial peels rarely result in complications when performed by trained medical estheticians and supervised by physicians

o However, if any issues occur with your treatment, our physicians can assess and treat any issues that may arise.

At DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic we carefully review all risks, benefits and alternatives to your chemical peel treatment. We also give careful instructions on how to prepare your skin for a peel, and how to care for your skin after your chemical peel treatment. It is essential that you follow your post-peel home care instructions to get the best results.


If post peel care instructions are not followed risks may include

* skin irritation

* infection,

* scarring, and

* worsening of the problem being treated (usually melasma and pigmentation abnormalities such as hyper or hypopigmentation)


Chemical peels combined with other aesthetic procedures such as laser treatment, injectable muscle relaxant, Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm and fillers (depending on the individual’s needs and concerns) can give desired results appropriate for your skin type


On-going home care regime, appropriate for your skin type, is also a key to maintaining healthy, radiant skin. At DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic, Dr. Zahra Alidina, Dr. Perviz Alidina and our DermaSpa medical esthetician can help recommend the appropriate skin care for your skin.


Masque Treatments

At DermaSpa our physicians carefully research the ingredients in the skin treatments the clinic provides. Drs. Alidina note that adding a masque treatment to a chemical peel or a microdermabrasion treatment can boost and improve your results even further.

Facial Treatments

We offer professional facial treatments to our patients and clients.  Click here for more information on our Facials at Dermaspa Pickering.


The Ice Mask

*Ideal for redness, sensitive skin, post procedure and hydration


*DermaSpa tip: can even be used over makeup for a glow boosting refresher

The Ice Mask is a treatment from Switzerland, an excellent treatment for all skin types, including even the most sensitive skin. The Ice Mask is refreshing, and contains high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients, soothing ingredients and aloe barbensis. Drs. Alidina find the Ice Mask to be an excellent treatment on its own, for hydrating and soothing the skin, calming redness, and boosting anti-oxidant levels.

Following a treatment (peel, microdermabrasion or laser) the Ice Mask is the ultimate soothing treatment. Drs. Alidina recommend the Ice Mask post treatment to cool and soothe the skin. Any redness is calmed, and skin feels fresh and hydrated. This is an excellent way to finish a lunchtime treatment and refresh before heading back to work.


The Hydrating Creamy Algae Masque

*wonderful for hydration, gentle exfoliation and a radiance boost (used on its own)


*DermaSpa Tip: this masque is excellent for restoring nutrient and moisture balance after a microdermabrasion treatment

This masque treatment contains high levels of moisturizing ingredients, marine Algae, antioxidants and aloe barbensis. This luxurious masque treatment, when used on its own, is an excellent way to gently hydrate and refresh your skin. This masque treatment is also the ideal way to add nutrients to your skin after a diamond microdermabrasion treatment. The Creamy Algae Masque will leave your skin glowing, smooth and hydrated after a microdermabrasion laser or a chemical peel treatment.


The French Green Clay and Green Tea Masque

*Ideal for oily, acne prone skin


*DermaSpa Tip: Acne sufferers – ask for a DermaSpa Clay Peel for an excellent blemish busting treatment


*DermaSpa Tip: Ask for a French Green Clay Masque in your oily skin areas (ie the “T Zone”) to reduce oil production, shine and breakouts; balance the treatment with the hydrating Creamy Algae masque on your dry skin areas for the perfect combination skin treatment!


This Clay Masque is formulated with high levels of Green Tea Antioxidants, and French Green Clay. This masque is for oily skin types only, and not for sensitive, dry skin. The clay masque can help to reduce oil and breakouts in all age groups.


The DermaSpa Clay Peel

*Excellent for Acne Treatment and Maintenance of Acne prone skin

We begin the DermaSpa Clay Peel with our signature French Green Clay and Green Tea Masque. The masque penetrates your pores to remove impurities, oils and debris. The masque is then gently removed with warm water, and the skin is prepared for a chemical peel. Dr. Zahra Alidina and Dr. Perviz Alidina will recommend either a glycolic acid peel or a salicylic acid peel depending on your skin’s needs. The peel is then applied. The treatment is finished with an oil free moisturizer and calming corrective sunscreen application.


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